in case you haven't noticed, im weird. im a weirdo. i don't fit in, and i don't want to fit in. have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on?! that's weird!

we are a system of 6. vinss (ta/tad/tads), tulle (ae/aer/aers), beanz (1t/1t'z), igor (moth/moths), flora, fern. 17 years of age. collectively they/he/it pronouns, transmasc & bi. anarchist, in all ways and in regards to everything (including bedtime). autistic & otherwise disabled. quite ill mentally. estonian.

eddie munson trans girl truther. school of rock is a better film than pulp fiction. every homestuck character is trans. riverdale s1-s4 is a cinematic masterpiece and all the haters r just too normie to understand